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What's Your Box?

Sometimes the only thing limiting your success is your own Thinking.

It's time to Unbox and Rebox the way you Think.


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Why Zero Waste

The Box

All of us have an invisible box over our heads.

We see the world through it. 

Our Box influences how we understand people.

It impacts our relationships with them. 


Our Box also influences how we perceive any situation.

And it automatically determines our response.

Our Box is our best friend.

It helps us to make sense of reality.

Our Box can also be our worst enemy.

It makes us judge everyone unconsciously.

To think out-of-the-box, 

We must first know what's in our box.


Unconscious Biases


Limiting Beliefs

The Box (developed by innoGreat) is an excellent tool to explore one's Unconscious Biases and Limiting Beliefs - in an interactive and fun way.  Every person is given a physical box representing his/her invisible thinking box. We then systematically lead them through a journey of self-reflection where they consider how their own thinking may be derailing them from realizing their full potential.

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The Box Programs

We can integrate The Box into a variety of Leadership & Personal Effectiveness programs, including:

Avoiding Unconscious Bias

Building Trust & Collaboration

Change Resilience

Diversity & Inclusion

Emotionally Intelligent Leadership

Inclusive Leadership

Leading Change

Leadership Development

Overcoming Your Limiting Beliefs

Team Effectiveness

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